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I'm an entrepreneur, Father, Spiritual Leader, and Coach. But it took me over 8 years Following Traditional Methods to recover from traumatic life events.  
"What if Everything You've Been Told About Trauma Recovery Was Wrong?"
Here's What I Finally Figured Out...
No Matter WHO you Are...
compressing recovery time is the key to conquering massive failure without losing your great qualities!

Unlock the Real Secrets to What's Blocking Your Peace of Mind and Emotional Balance!

After over eight painful years of following traditional methods, I finally figured out why they don't work for achievers AND created a NEW approach that's easy to understand and apply, regardless of age or circumstances. 

If you can relate, then this new book is for you! 

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You Don't Deserve the Pain! But You Do Deserve the Way OUT! 
"There is an easier way to grow through massive failures and traumatic life events so that we still like the person we become when it's all done.
We can't avoid the changes that painful experiences prompt us to make. 
But we can make them in a way that creates happiness, contentment, confidence, and more personal depth than we've ever known...
And because we've endured it, become a blessing in the lives of those we love."
- Floyd D Brown
I Am Possible, LLC
From The Desk Of Floyd D Brown
(If you're like most of us, you can skip to the bottom to read the P.S. summary first.  I know you'll come back here to check out the story...)

Correct me if I'm wrong...

If you’re an achiever, traditional methods for overcoming massive failures or traumatic life events won’t work for two reasons:

First, they offer simple short-term solutions as if "one size fits all" which don't take into consideration how seriously achievers view failures that violate their values.

Second and most important, they miss the most critical component of trauma recovery: Time!

If you want to protect your great qualities and maintain emotional balance…no matter what’s happening, you need to recover quickly to avoid painful delays before negative emotions overwhelm you.

If you agree with what I’ve just said, this is the most straightforward letter you’ll ever read.

Here’s why:

It resolves the most overlooked component of recovering from trauma and massive failure: you don’t have time to wait.

Millions of people lose the great qualities they worked hard to develop after something turns their life upside down…you don’t need to be one of them.

Preserving the qualities of mental clarity, emotional balance, and spirituality are time sensitive when facing heartbreaking circumstances.

Have you noticed this: the longer it takes the more painful "it" becomes?

Compressing recovery time is the key to conquering trauma and massive failure without losing your great qualities and can only be obtained through the How to Get Over Things That Crush mapping system.

This is the fastest way to work your way through the anger, guilt, and depression of traumatic life events in weeks instead of months, or worse, years.

Otherwise, you could end up succumbing to the downward spiral of painful emotions while waiting for “time to heal all wounds.”

It took me over eight painful years to figure this out and design a new solution.

So, here’s the story (one I wouldn’t wish on an enemy…if I had one)

As I sat in a daze at my desk in one of my investment properties that couldn’t be sold, I wondered: “How did I get here when I’ve done my best? This is not my fault but I’m going to make it!”

It was 2010, I had fallen and for the first time, didn’t know for sure if I’d get back up.

I’d closed my mortgage business just two years prior and finally moved into one of my investment properties. No money was being made, banks were in crisis, and so was I.

My marriage of twenty years was finally coming to an end. There too, I’d done my best and finally had enough.

As a result of my marriage failing, I was estranged from a religion I’d committed most of my life to. It was part of my identity.

That hurt more than anything else and disappointing congregation members that looked up to me made the agony of my failed marriage worse.

I felt lost!

But I would recover! I knew how, or so I thought.

I had great qualities, the bible as a guide, life experience, personal development experience, and strong spiritual values.

It was only a matter of time!

I gave myself two years to get everything back in order.

But without prior exposure to the dynamics of a traumatic life event, I had already made the first mistake!

I followed traditional methods that relied on time as the means to fully recover without knowing what the journey looked like.

Deep down inside I just knew I’d figure it out “eventually”.

And that was my second mistake!

So, with my great qualities intact, good intentions packed, and the drive to get back to where I belong, off I went on my journey back to mental, emotional, and financial wealth.

Without knowing that the longer I took to complete the journey, the more of my great qualities I would lose.

Anger, guilt, and depression were the first milestones I didn’t know I had to pass. Neither did I realize that trying to avoid them would hold me back for years.

Therefore, I took the journey without the one tool that would make all the difference.

What I needed most, figured out later, and finally designed through pain, trial, and error, was a map.

Take this lesson from me…

It doesn’t matter what you’re going through. You must compress the time it takes to fully recover.

Some rush the process only to end up with trauma triggers.

Others attempt to avoid the milestones on the journey only to get trapped for years.

Does this make sense so far?

Using the mapping system in How to Get Over Things That Crush will compress the time it takes to successfully travel from the old person who’s suffering to the new person who’s conquered.

What’s holding you back?

We ALL get stuck because we ALL have been programmed to solve problems using the same main ingredient: the passing of time.

Here’s something you already know if you’ve failed to fully recover and are not the best version of yourself: time has worked against you.

“Eventual” is NOT your friend if you’ve experienced a life turned upside down.

If you look at, or back at what you’ve endured and how you’ve changed, you’ll notice that the main cause of failure is that you allowed yourself too much time.

I know this to be a fact because I did the exact same thing!

Massive failures I could’ve made “peace” with and recovered from in months took years. Why?
Because based on traditional methods, I gave myself two years to recover in the first place. My estimation was wrong from the beginning.

Those two years turned into eight years as I gave up great qualities I thought weren’t working because they made me “too nice”.

The key to succeeding is to use the tool of “mapping” to clearly “see” where you are to know in advance what needs to be done to conquer negative emotions NOW, not EVENTUALLY.

It’s really NOT your fault!

Regardless of your educational or religious background, you’ve been programmed to rely on one word when things – large or small – go wrong. That word is “eventually”.

If you’ve been to counseling, coaching, Bible study, or therapy, the one factor they hold in common is: to allow the passing of time to help you work through this or that.

And so off you go, determined to work through the pain, mental fuzziness, and negative emotions of a traumatic event with “time” and “eventual” on your side.

I’m not bashing any of these methods but having credentials to give advice is not the same as having credibility.

I value input from those who’ve been through “something” and made it out successfully, even if they failed along the way.

So, if you feel stuck and unable to get back on track, it’s NOT your FAULT.

It’s the programming most of us have accepted that says “Life should be a certain way – whatever that way is – and if it’s not, be patient and let time do its work to fix it.”

How’s that working out for most people?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a good guy. Some would say I’m a great guy. But I admire the really “nice” guy I used to be.

I’m tougher mentally, a little less tolerant emotionally, but sharper spiritually.

It’s a mixture of the old with the new that has added a depth of love and compassion for others that allows me to “see” where they are regardless of their circumstances.

But I do miss some of the great qualities I would’ve preferred to keep.

The passing of time can be like an acid to your great qualities if you experience something you consider traumatic.

Either you ACT NOW to take the offensive and compress time, or the darkness of your circumstances will change you into someone you may not like.

I’ve been on both sides.

Why should you trust me?

I was naïve, to say the least, and thought my knowledge, experience, and ideals about going through difficulties would help me with my failed marriage, non-existent business, identity crisis, and the need to start from zero.

I wanted to treat my soon-to-be ex-wife well despite the ending of our marriage (right idea), start a new business to get myself back on track (right goal) and return to my religious beliefs (right thing to do).

But it’s what you don’t know that crashes well-made plans.

The one element I didn’t take into consideration was time.

The other was the need to recognize that what I was going through should’ve been considered traumatic and not just another difficulty that I would easily overcome.

Can you see how I got stuck? It was inevitable...

Underestimation and reluctance to go through negative milestones were my enemies.

Looking back, I can clearly see why it took almost eight years to recover instead of six to twelve months.

How does it work?

For all this to make sense I need to show you how it works.

Be forewarned, you’ll be shocked by the simplicity of this mapping system and how quickly it gives you the confidence not only to apply it immediately but teach it to someone else.

It’s based on our human tendency to see only what’s in front of us. We can envision the result we desire, but we’re still inclined to notice what’s directly before us.

Therefore, as with all goals we’re looking from the back/start (where we are) to the front/end (where we want to be).

That sounds odd because we think it should be front to back, but picture yourself standing in a line. The front is where you want to be, the back is where you’re standing.

But when it comes to massive failure or traumatic life events, standing in the back and only seeing the next hurdle in front of us is intimidating, so we’re inclined to “wait”.

We may know how to recover, and want to recover as quickly as possible, but the next step before us is NOT the finish line, it may be a milestone or hurdle we don’t want to address.

Especially is this the case if the hurdle before us is a negative emotion (anger, guilt, depression) that we don’t want to experience, even though we know we need to pass through it.

Now, imagine yourself looking at the same journey from the “top-down”.

You’re not looking at the next milestone directly in front of you. You’re looking at the entire journey from the start to the finish, from the origin point to the destination.

You can “see” everything at once. You see the anger, guilt, and depression milestones.

But you also see the forgiveness and acceptance milestones.

That’s when things start looking brighter and your confidence goes UP not DOWN.

Your anxiety turns to anticipation because you’re looking at the entire journey, not just pieces of it.

This is the strategy behind the principle of mapping that I teach in the book Broken – Rising from the Ashes – How to Get Over Things that Crush.

This strategy will work for kids, teenagers, parents, leaders, entrepreneurs, and achievers that want to move through anything that causes emotional pain and heartache, not just for severe trauma or failures.

How can you take advantage of this offer?

Working with most therapists would cost you about $2400.00.

The loss in time and productivity that being “stuck in my head” cost me, conservatively speaking, was over $300k.

I wish I had a written guide that addressed massive failure and traumatic life events in a manner that’s simple, concise, and immediately applicable.

I’m offering the “map” that’ll move you away from the pain of feeling trapped between the new person you must become and the old person you’re reluctant to shed.

Happiness, contentment, peace of mind, and joy of living are still possible despite what you’ve gone through. I know that to be a fact.

You’re getting the shortcut that took me eight painful years to figure out and two more years to write in simple language for the price of a book!

That book is Broken – Rising from the Ashes – How to Get Over Things that Crush for only $24.95.

And I’m shipping the hard copy directly to your doorstep for FREE!

What do you have to lose?

The fact is traditional methods – personal development reading, motivational speeches, therapists, counseling sessions – all work when you’re experiencing massive failures or traumatic life events.

I did them all except for seeking a therapist. Why?

Because I prefer credibility over credentials. I want to know if someone has been where I’ve been before I allow them to tell me how to get to where I want to go.

Besides, I need to trust them enough to open myself up and share painful failures. 

I'm sure you know the feeling.  Who do YOU trust when you're the one everyone looks up to?

And most traditional methods underestimate the exhausting effect of misunderstanding the impact of time.

But it is the passing of too much time that causes the erosion of those great qualities you need to hold on to as you change into the person that will be stronger after you’ve endured trauma than you were before.

Can you see why it's urgent to get through "it" the right way as quickly as possible?

Unfortunately, most people, even achievers, get crushed in the process because they took too much time to recover.

So, you can act now, know what the milestones are, and prepare in advance to meet them with confidence.

Or you can take your time and figure things out as you go.

Both options will work. But the “eventual” option will cost you more.
Which one makes more sense to you?

Yes! There is a BONUS

You’re also going to get Module I Lesson 1 - Understanding Where You Are from my premium course How to Get Over Things that Crush.

This is an interactive training that allows you to start the mapping process immediately.

Mental clarity is key to enjoying peace of mind. This first lesson will help you create it and the confidence that comes with it.

As a BONUS, I'll send Breaking the Cycle of Anxiety to demonstrate how easy it is to use the mapping skill to help others.

And finally, I've included an additional bonus section in the book on Preventing and Recovering from Relapse.

This final bonus section was added after the book was completed to inspire those of us who've experienced the self-condemning pain of a relapse that occasionally catches the best of us off-guard. 

Oh, in case you were wondering…YES

There’s a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE; so, there’s no risk at all.

I want you to think about something for a minute. What is money? A lot of people have fear about money and even bigger fears about spending money. 

But you need to understand that money is good. It’s just a tool that was created for exchange.

So my question for you is: Would you exchange that money for these (your peace of mind, mental clarity, self-confidence, and emotional balance) results? 

 If the answer is yes, then you need to get started right now. 

And if you have any fear that it might not be what you expected, or that you might not be able to get those results, just let us know, and we’ll give you your money back.”

I 100% Guarantee you’ll love the book and bonus training, or I’ll return your $19.95 no questions asked. Just email me and I’ll refund your $19.95.

How’s that for fair?

It’s all UP to YOU

To act now, complete the order form above to secure your hard copy of Broken – Rising from the Ashes – How to Get Over Things that Crush!

Remember, I’ll pay the cost for shipping and handling (FREE shipping)!

Wishing you all the blessings and success you deserve!

Floyd D Brown

P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here’s the deal:

Compressing recovery time is the key to conquering trauma and massive failure without losing your great qualities and can only be obtained through the How to Get Over Things That Crush mapping system.

Taking too long to adjust to trauma or rushing through the process can cause serious damage to the great qualities you’ve worked hard to develop (kindness, confidence, patience, forbearance, selfless interest in others, and contentment to list a few).

Some rush through the process only to end up with unhealed scars, trauma triggers,  or become highly functioning depressants.

Others take too long and get stuck, taking years to recover in hopes of avoiding some of the pain.

The book includes a full bonus section on Preventing and Recovering from Relapse.

I’ve also included the first lesson Understanding Where You Are of my premium course How to Get Over Things that Crush as an additional bonus.

The total cost is only $24.95 with a 100% complete satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

And I'll ship the hard copy to your doorstep for FREE!

Just click this link to complete the order form above to take advantage of this amazing offer!

What's Inside The Book!?
  •  Secret #1: The truth about trauma and your religious beliefs (Page 29)
  •  Secret #2: What is the "cocooning process" and how does it keep you emotionally stable? (Page 50-53)
  •  Secret #3: How to say "goodbye" to negative imaginations and intrusive aggressive thoughts (Page 52,93)
  • Secret #4: What 3 changes will trauma force you to make and how will looking forward to them enhance your confidence and self-image? (Page 77)
  •  Secret #5: Five ways to build a wall of protection without becoming emotionally distant. (Chapter 10)
  •  Secret #6: Forgiveness is expensive! What 6 values must you embrace to pay the price? (Page 103)
  •  Secret #8: How to forgive childhood trauma even if the guilty party hasn't been punished? (Chapter 7)
  • Secret #9: When is it ok to grieve the loss of your previous life and the naïve person you used to be? (Page 79, 84)
  • Secret #10: When does feeling guilty work to your advantage? (Page 45)
  •  Secret #11: How to use the "one" quality that free you from the trap of entitlement to open the door to happiness? (Page 10,35 and BONUS training)
  •  Secret #12: How to use a traumatic experience to meet your two most important spiritual needs  (this will positively impact everyone around you). (Page 92, 93)

It's Your Time NOW - No More Waiting!

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Broken - Rising From The Ashes

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Understanding Where You Are

($47 Value)

You'll receive Module I Lesson 1 of my premium course How to Get Over Things That Crush. This lesson guides you to do your best thinking to map your journey NOW so you can move forward with confidence, contentment, mental clarity, and peace of mind.

Breaking The Cycle of Anxiety

($19 Value)

This concise training presentation was designed to give you the tool to help someone you love quickly map their way out of anxious thoughts and overthinking.  Using a simple mapping skill I termed "parking", you'll discover how to reset your mind when it's refusing to let you or someone you love rest.  It's simplicity at its best!

How to Prevent and Recover from Relapse (Bonus Section)

($297 Value)

This special section (Section IV) was added AFTER the book was completed.  It covers the 3 most important steps to prevent relapse and the 4 steps (4Rs) of how to recover.  This 3/4 mapping method is simple to learn and apply.  This section alone makes this offer invaluable, especially if you've EVER experienced a relapse.
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